MNUMS will cooperate with Perinatal Diagnostic Center of Krasnoyarsk, Russia

     On February 3 rd  and 7 th  of 2022 the delegation of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences Professor D.Tserendagva (ScD. Vice President for Hospital Affairs, MNUMS, Member Academy of Sciences of Mongolia) L.Ganbold (Ph.D., Head of the Department of Emergency Care and Anesthesiology, School of Medicine, MNUMS) and Professor O.Sergelen (ScD, Consultant Doctor, MNUMS, State Proclaimed and Honored Doctor of Mongolia), held an official meeting with Yanin Vadim Nikolaevich, Chief Physician of the Krasnoyarsk Prenatal Diagnostic Center, Russia and Garber Yulia Grigorievna, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.
They discussed the possible ways of cooperation, and decided to sign a Memorandum of Agreement to establish a joint prenatal diagnostic cabinet at the Central Hospital of the MNUMS

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