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Message from the President

Professor Khurelbaatar Nyamdavaa M.D., Ph.D.
President of the MNUMS

Since its establishment in 1942, the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences has been a pioneer medical university in Mongolia and has broadened our scope with 8 schools, 3 branch schools, 4 institutes and 4 hospitals.Many brilliant students have graduated in its 80 years history and we are proud to say that we have fostered nearly 90% of the Mongolian health professionals and continue to have a substantial impact on both the Mongolian academic society as well as the national community. Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences has been a comprehensive university with three principles “To build university health systems in Mongolia”, “To establish a Research-based University” and “To build a globalize institution”. We seek to promote a dynamic and modern research environment so as to develop as a research-oriented university. Our university is committed to providing outstanding health and medical science education to inspire students to become doctors, various healthcare and medical professionals that meet national and international standards. We have contributed to the national scientific community through our excellence in research and protected community health through our high quality and accessible university hospital medical care. We will continue our commitment to pursue academic achievements and innovations. We are sincerely looking forward to our collaboration. Let’s build a healthy future together!