Department for Administration and Human Resources



       The activities of the Division for  Administration and Human Resources are aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities of the President and the President’s board, ensuring the implementation of legislation, introducing effective management methods and culture, policy development, planning, reporting and accountability. Improving the system, providing necessary information in the field of internal administration, and building human resource management capacity.

     This function will be implemented through open, direct, prompt and transparent information, professional advice and services.

Areas of activity:


One. Policies, programs, plans and reports

Provide policy, strategy, and standard management, and develop policies, programs, and monitoring the implementation process, evaluating the results, and furthering the activities develop proposals on whether to implement;

Issue annual reports and information,

Declaration of assets and income, list of officials;

Report of an official assets and income;

Report to Ministry of Education and Science

Report of Health facility capacity and human resource

Report to Public service council

Two. Implementation of legislation

Monitor the implementation of legislation and evaluation

Suggestions for monitoring and improving the rules and regulations development and updates

Legal norms, documents / orders to create and comply with laws and regulations,

to register decrees and ordinances;

To provide legal basis for President’s orders and decisions;

Realistically determine the effectiveness, efficiency of the operations and performance

Three. Administration and information

Organize and reference documents issued by the administration

to develope, certify, inform and deliver documents;

Improving statistical data indicators, accuracy and processing;

To organize meeting of the President’s board;

Create a unified management database of network and provide information services;

Establish and develop a human resource management information system;


Staff members:


Director N.Orkhon

Lawyer B.Zorigtbaatar

Officer Ts. Oyunchimeg

Officer U.Nyamjargal

Officer Ts. Khongorzul

clerk  J.Saruulzaya

Archivist N.Erdenesuren

Secretariat B.Buyandelgers