Department for Evaluation and Monitoring




The Department of Monitoring, Analysis Evaluation, and Internal Audit is responsible for increasing the value of the main activities of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences aimed at research, education, and public health, ensuring the implementation of laws and regulations, improving the results of budget expenditures, and providing management team with accurate and real information, the following activities are
implemented within the framework of the main functions of monitoring and giving recommendations.


  1. Monitor and analyze the progress and performance of the National Mongolian University of Medical Sciences’ policy implementation, performance plans, and main activities, and give recommendations;
    2. To ensure the transparency of information about activities of the composition, branch, affiliated schools, and the organizational structural unit, supervising the resolution of complaints; If in case of a dispute arises after a senior official of the department, branch or affiliated school, or structural unit investigated complaints and information about violations of laws, rules, and regulations, organizes of inspection by the decision of the director of the NMUMS, and presents the results;
    3. To monitor whether financial activities are carried out in accordance with Mongolian laws, legal acts, orders, official tasks, and decisions; and evaluate and assess the state property preservation, protection, and attitudes of state properties’ consumption, prevent risks, and eliminate identified conflict;
    4. Conduct a risk assessment of the university’s activities, execute risk-based internal
    audit activities, create a risk assessment database, and submit proposals to the director
    of the university to organize work in the area of risk mitigation and elimination;
    5. Monitoring, giving instructions and recommendations, and ensuring the implementation of measures to prevent risks at classrooms and dormitories, hospitals, sanatoriums, and other places;
    6. Keeping records about monitoring and evaluation, create an electronic database;


Staff members:


Number Name Title Department Position E-mail
1 B.Zorigtbaatar Master of Laws ХШҮДАГ Head
2 Tse.Oyunchimeg Doctor in
ХШҮДАГ Methodologist

3 J.Erkhembayar

Master of Business Studies

ХШҮДАГ Methodologist
4 N.Gantsetseg

Master of Business Studies

ХШҮДАГ Methodologist