Department for Graduate Education Policy and Management



      To develope a research university by combine the teaching and research, for the scientists and researchers who will be creating a new knowledge, and enriching it.

      MNUMS offers master’s and e-learning courses, doctoral programs in clinical medicine, traditional medicine, public health, oral medicine, bio-medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.

Areas of activity:


Provide policies and managements for 56 master’s and doctoral programs

Organize admission and graduation of master’s and doctoral programs

Update master’s and doctoral curriculum

Organize the accreditation of the program by international and national accreditation organizations

Organize graduate programs for international students

Organize postdoctoral research in accordance with the research priorities of the university

Conclude tripartite agreements with undergraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral researchers and supervisors

Give permission for preliminary discussions of master’s and doctoral dissertations

Register the graduate students in the student system of MNUMS

Calculate the workload of graduate teachers

Introduce advanced training technology

Staff members:


Director A.Shiirevnyamba

Senior officer S.Tsendsuren

Officer Kh.Uyanga

Officer B.Anujin

Information Technology officer B.Battsetseg

Information Technology officer G.Lkhagvadorj