School of Medicine, MNUMS has established in October 05, 1942 as the Medical Faculty under National University of Mongolia. The Faculty of Medicine has become independent from National University of Mongolia as Mongolian National Medical Institute on Aug 16, 1961, and has become National Medical University of Mongolia on Nov 11, 1991 and renamed as Health Sciences University of Mongolia on May 06, 2003 and reorganized to become School of Medicine, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences on June 01, 2014.


     The School of Medicineoffers6-year program for Medical Doctor, 3-year program Imaging technician, 3-year for Medical Electronics technician, 3-year program for Laboratory technician


     A total of 2,011 students are currently studying at the School of Medicine. The school has the following departments:

  1. Department of Surgery
  2. Department of Oncology
  3. Department of Hematology
  4. Department of Emergency Anesthesiology
  5. Department of Cardiology
  6. Department of Rheumatology
  7. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  8. Department of Pulmonary and Allergology
  9. Department of Endocrinology
  10. Department of Gastroenterology
  11. Department of Traumatology
  12. Department of Nephrology
  13. Department of Radiology
  14. Department of Family Medicine
  15. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  16. Department of Otolaryngology
  17. Department of Infectious Diseases
  18. Department of Pediatrics
  19. Department of Neurology
  20. Department of Ophthalmology
  21. Department of Mental Health
  22. Department of Dermatology
  23. Department of Clinical Laboratories

     The school has staffed by total of 132 lecturers and staffs, including 2 Academicians, 9 Professors, 22 Associate Professors, with Ph.D. Degree-66, with Masters degree-73, and 2 Visiting Professors from international schools.


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