International School of Mongolian Medicine

     The International School of Mongolian Medicine (ISMM) fosters national leader of doctor of oriental medicine, health professionals and researchers, and aims to become an internationally recognized research-based university. Since the establishment of the Mongolian Department of Traditional Medicine by the order of the Director of the Mongolian University of Medicine on May 18, 1990, since the appointment N.Tumurbaatar as the Head of the Department, more than 1,100 doctors and specialists in Traditional Medicine have been trained in Mongolia.

     ISMM has staffed with the leading scientists and faculties in the field of traditional medicine. ISMM has Traditional Medicine Hospital, “Erkhes” sanatorium, and start-up company.

     Our graduates have the skills to treat common diseases in accordance with the policy of  health care and services, medication therapies with traditional medicine, to provide professional level of bariatric care in case of home injuries. Further it has been able to specialize in specialized fields and conduct research work in the future.

     ISMM provides bachelor degree program of 6-year for Doctor of Oriental Medicine, 4 + 2-year collaboratively with Tianjin Chinese School of Traditional Medicine, China for Doctor of Acupuncture, and 4-year program (collaborative sandwich program with Tokyo Ariake University, Japan) for Traditional medicine therapist.

     Currently a total of 627 students are studying at the school.

     25 percent of the graduates employed at local health centers, 15 percent at family health centers, 13 percent at private hospitals, 2 percent at ISMM, and 46 percent are enrolled in local and international postgraduate trainings.

      The school has the following departments:

Department of Mongolian Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Department of Traditional Treatment

Department of Traditional Medicine

Department of Traditional Bariatric

            The school is staffed by 38 lecturers including 1 Academician, 8 Professors, 11 Associate Professors, 2 Sc.D. /Doctors of Science/, 16 Ph.D./Doctors of Medicine/, 2 Visiting Professors, and 8 Guest lecturers from international schools.



Mongolian International School of Medicine

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Bayanzurkh district, 12th khoroo, Botanical Garden block A of the complex MNUMS