School of Biomedicine

     The School of Bio-Medicine was established in 2003. The school has 16 departments, 156 lecturers and staffs that provide general and professional basic programs.

     The School of Biomedicine provides the Pre-medical program (2-year) for medical students, and the Biomedical Specialist program (5-year), the Health Informatics program (4-year), fosters specialists in Biomedicine and Health Informatics.

     Approximately 323 students have graduated as biomedical researcher, of which 41 percent succeed working in the private organizations, 12 percent in tertiary level hospitals, 12 percent in secondary level hospitals, 7 percent in universities, and 27 percent in other fields.


This academic year of 2020-2021, 2005 students are actively studying.

Pre-medical grade I – 880 students

Pre-medical grade II – 920 students

Biomedicine grade III,V -188 students

Health Informatics grade III, IV, V-17 students


The school has the following departments:

Department of Anatomy

Department of Medical Chemistry

Department of Biology

Department of Microbiology, Infection Prevention and Control

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Physical Education

Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Histology

Department of Immunology

Department of Physiology

Department of Communication Skills

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Department of Physical Informatics

Department of Pathological Physiology

Department of Pathology, Forensic Medicine

Department of Pharmacology.


Lecturers and human resources

     The school is staffed by 13 professors, 18 associate professors, 70 Ph.D., 10 teaching assistants, and a total of 156 lecturers.


School of Biomedicine

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, S.Zorig street, post-48/111 Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia