School of Pharmacy

     The School of Pharmacy, MNUMS is marking its 60th anniversary in 2020-2021 academic year since its establishment as a pharmaceutical sector of the Faculty of Medicine when parting from from Mongolian National University as the independent medical school by Resolution No. 431 of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Mongolia on August 16, 1961.

1961    Department of Pharmaceutical Technology /Training of national  pharmacists has started in Mongolia/

1975    Department of Pharmacy, Mongolian National Medical Institute

2003    School of Pharmacy, Health Sciences University of Mongolia

2014    School of Pharmacy and Biomedicine, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

2017    School of Pharmacy, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

     When it was first established, the school was staffed by only 1 lecturer and 52 student, and today, the School of Pharmacy has staffed by 37 lecturer and staffs, and 482 enrolled undergraduate students. More than 50% of all lecturers have a Ph.D. degree and 25% have an associate professor degree.

Currently, the school has 4 departments:

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Botany

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Management

Department of Pharmacology

     The School of Pharmacy is the first state-owned school for fostering  pharmacists and pharmacologists in Mongolia.

     In 1966, the first ever 33 pharmacists have graduated. As of 2020, a total of 1,799 pharmacists and 2,678 pharmacists have been enrolled and our graduates are employed 100% in pharmaceutical companies, drug supply organizations, pharmacies, hospitals, research institutions, and drug regulatory organizations.

     The program for Pharmacist has been updated nine times since 1961. Since 2004, for the first time in Mongolia, we started to reform the program for pharmacists following the international trends in pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical education and approved the program for patient-centered care in 2008 and successfully implemented.

     The School of Pharmacy offers undergraduate program for Pharmacologist /2+3-year/ and  3+3-year program for Pharmacists at the school building and training laboratory, also the trainings are conducted at the “Erdem Pharm” pharmaceutical factory, pharmacy, pharmaceutical laboratory, and Mongolia-Japan hospital of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences.

     We’re continuously providing programs including masters and doctoral degrees in pharmacy, the postgraduate programs in five specialties: clinical pharmacist, pharmacy manager, pharmacologist, pharmaceutical technology, and traditional pharmacist.


School of Pharmacy

14210 Ulaanbaatar city Bayangol district 6th khoroo Ard Ayush street post-48/111, School of Pharmacy
Email: pharmacy@mnums.edu.mn
Phone: +976 70180021