Dornogobi Medical School

     The Dornogovi medical school was established in 1962 by the order No.200 of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Mongolia with 5 classes, 120 students, 9 lecturers and 12 staff. For the 59th year in a row, we are training doctors and medical professionals to work in the health sector in the Eastern and Gobi regions. In 2018, we accredited for the third time and rated as “Completely Adequate” and since 2018, we’re integrating the international quality standard ISO: 9001-2015 into our education programs.

     The school has a 1264 m2 main building for 400 students, a 1232 m2 second building  for 160 students, 570 m2 building for Mandakh Naran Hospital, a library with 100 seats, and a student dormitory for 260 students, student dormitory with a capacity of 50 students for their summer clinical training at “Avraga Toson” resort located in Delgerkhaan soum, Khentii aimag.

     The Dornogobi Medical School 2+4 years program of medical doctor, dentistry, oriental medicine, 2+3 years program of pharmacy, public health, biomedicine, 4-year program of occupational therapy, nursing, midwifery, laboratory technician, 3-year program for oriental medicine nursing for undergraduate students.

     74-80 percent of the graduates are employed and we’re providing undergraduate clinical trainings at our school’s Hospital, affiliated aimag and soum general hospitals.

     As of 2020, we have 83 lecturers and faculties, 4 departments, 3 divisions and more than 500 students. 14 percent of lecturers have academic degrees and 36 percent have professional degrees.

General rate of research and project /cumulatively in 2020 /

Organized scientific conferences – 6

Joint scientific conference/training – 4

Research papers (monograph-21, published in foreign languages, article-7 / journal of geoscience and environment protection IF 0,33 /, patent -4, books and textbooks -14, manuals-59, published 77 domestic articles, 75 reports at international conferences, 208 reports on domestic discussions)

Implemented projects – 4

Science and Technology Innovation Project-3

Local commissioned project-2

Local and school commissioned projects-6

Competitive student scholarship project organized by the Ministry of Education and Science-2


Dornogobi Medical School

Dornogobi aimag, Sainshand, 2nd bag, Peace street, Sh / X-44105
Contact phone: 70522101