Division for Teacher Development and E-Learning



     To support the continuous development of the teachers, support their creativeness and cooperation, to maintain the skills of learning and teaching methods, and to ensure the continuous development of e-learning by state-of the-art technologies.


Areas of activity:

Develop and implement a teacher development plan / program /

Provide management and continuity for the Teachers’ Development Council, the Clinical Teaching Methodology Council, and the Textbook Council.

Provide guidance for organizing and developing teacher performance appraisals

Conduct regular research on teacher development and implementation

Collaborate with international and national organizations on teacher development and e-learning

Implement projects and programs in the field of teacher development and e-learning

Improving registration and reporting on teacher teaching and e-learning

Conduct training and activities in the field of educational research, learning and teaching methods

Collaborate with teachers to develop e-learning and introduce it to training

Ensuring the continuity of the multimedia studio

Organize and cooperate in distance learning for doctors and medical professionals


Staff member:

Director S.Khandmaa

Senior officer B.Baljinnyam

Senior officer T.Sumyaasuren

Officer M.Uzmee

Officer S.Gal-Erdene

Officer B.Bilguun

Officer G.Naransukh