Division for International Relations



     To develop, expand, promote the international relations and cooperation of the MNUMS branch schools, hospitals and institutes by firmly pursuing the foreign affairs policy concept of Mongolia, the policy and direction of the Ministry of Education and Science, and the strategic plan of MNUMS.


Areas of activity:


One. Policies, programs, plans and reports

Develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation plans and provide integrated management and coordination for their implementation;

Initiate, promote and expand cooperation with the Embassy, ​​Consulate and international organizations within Mongolia;

Implement support activities for the development of the university, conclude memorandums on foreign projects and programs, and provide professional and methodological support for cooperation activities;

To receive proposals for joint projects with foreign organizations and universities and its affiliated schools, affiliated hospitals and institutes, to study the possibility of initiating cooperation, to establish contacts, to conclude and implement cooperation

To conclude the reports on international cooperation from branch schools, hospitals and institutes, and issue a consolidated report

Two. Implementation of legislation

To provide unified professional and methodological management of the foreign relations of branch schools accordance with the policies and activities of the Ministry of Education and Science and the strategic plan of MNUMS

To create, enrich and monitor the unified database of agreements


Staff member:

Director D.Ulziimaa MPH

Officer M. Munkh-Undral M.Med

Officer P.Luvsandagva Public health manager

Officer Ts. Nomin-Erdene MPH