Department for International Relations



  • Within the framework of the sustainable development policy of the MNUMS, the policy of the Department of International relations in the fields of science, technology, education, and health is being revised and promoted to a new operations’ level.
  • The basis of International relations and cooperation of the MNUMS is the establishment of a new system of higher health education in Mongolia in 1942, when the first leadership from the Soviet Union, V.S. Kudryashov (first deputy director in charge of education), V.N. Topolsky (Dean of the Human Medical Faculty), experts were invited to teach 24 Mongolian and 10 Russian students.
  • On the eve of the anniversary, memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreements have been signed with 34 organizations from Japan, 18 from South Korea, 17 from China, 12 from the United States, 9 from Taiwan, 8 from Russia, 5 from the Republic of Turkey, and more than 120 organizations from a total of 22 countries.
  • Since 1978, our school has awarded 195 titles (37 honorary doctorates, 98 honorary professors, 60 visiting professors) to representatives of 20 countries, 57 from Japan, 29 from South Korea, and 8 from China.
  • Since June 2011, the Department of International Relations has expanded its activities.

Major recent achievements:

  • • Signed a cooperation agreement with Yonsei University of the Republic of Korea since 1993. Within the framework of cooperation, Yonsei University has established a foreign library and a central laboratory of science and technology and is implementing a teacher- student exchange program.
  • Since 2014, School of Traditional Medicine has started training specialists in the joint
    “Acupuncturist” (4+2) program with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, and in 2016 with the “Traditional Medical Therapist”program in cooperation with Tokyo Ariake University, Japan, making a valuable contribution to the health sector.
  • From 2019, a joint T2T and T2C program with Harvard Medical School in the United States was successfully organized for two years.
  • A 7.5 million euro project to upgrade the equipment of MNUMS and its affiliated hospitals has been implemented within the framework of a concessional loan from the Government of the Republic of Austria.
  • Within the framework of the cooperation agreement with the International Education Exchange Association of the Republic of Korea, in cooperation with the University of Georgia, USA, the 2+4 joint program for the bachelor’s degree in human medicine began in the academic year of 2021, and in 2022, Hankuk University, A cooperation agreement was signed with Jeju International University and New Tokyo University in the United States.



Staff member:

Director – B. Amartuvshin M.D., MBA, Ph.D

Officer – G.Tsengel M.D, Ph.D 

Officer – B. Odgerel, M.D. 

Officer  – N. Gunchmaa, M.D, MPH