Division for Marketing


To organize the work to increase the social status and value of scientists, professors, teachers, researchers, doctors, medical professionals, and employees


Areas of activity:

Renew and promote the international and national social status, image of health sector.

Systematically plan the promotion of health sector values, human resources, total workforce, services, products, achievements and advantages to the public, using the latest technology and advanced methods

Approve and organize the marketing

Approve and organize advertisements

Website development

Develop the “MNUMS recommends” brand.

Ensuring internal discipline of the marketing department, monitoring the use of time, monitoring the implementation of these procedures

To organize ceremonial activities at the Academy of Sciences, to be responsible for the performance of work, to train the staff in charge, and to increase the responsibilities

Organize the organization’s operational activities, inform and report on decisions and responsibilities

Initiate and organize pre-preparation activities to increase the number of entrants at the Academy of Sciences


Director S. Enkhbold

Senior Officer  D. Battsetseg

Graphic designer S. Munkh-Ochir

                       Social media specialist D. Erdene-Orgil

                       Technical engineer S.Enkhbat

                       Information system engineer G.Uuganzaya

                       Information technology engineer D.Khajidmaa

                       Network engineer P.Gankhuleg

                       Technical engineer S.Enkhbat

                       Technical engineer R. Tserentogtokh