Division for Information and Technology


      To operate the information technology activities and infrastructure of the MNUMS, and to introduce new technologies and innovations.


Areas of activity:

The division is responsible for the normal operation of the computers and equipment of the university.

Install necessary and useful system and application software on the computers of teachers and staff,

Protection of information technology activities of the university from external influences

updating antivirus software regularly.

To monitor and diagnose the normal operation of the computers, printers, and to take measures to have it repaired by a professional engineers if necessary.

Monitor and improve the normal operation of software

Normal operation of the network and network equipment

In case of damage or delay in the network and related equipment, check and repair the damage and delay, issue an act if necessary, replace the equipment and put it into operation,

To determine the basic information technology skills of the faculty and staff


Director S.Enkhbold

Information technology engineer D.Khajidmaa

Information system engineer G.Uuganzaya

Network engineer P.Gankhuleg

Technical engineer S.Enkhbat

Technical engineer R. Tserentogtokh