MNUMS academic and research priorities


1. Clinical medicine:

Diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of emerging and re-emerging communicable and non-communicable diseases inMongolia;

Neuroscience, mental health studies;

Oral and maxillofacial development relating to geography, nutritional and

ethnographical features in Mongolians to develop national integrated reference for preventing common diseases.



Develop database for comprehensive biomedical studies with genomic,

epigenomic, proteomic, cytomic, metabolomic and biometric parameters of common communicable and non-communicable diseases in Mongolia;

Translational and innovative research to develop new treatment, produce product to furthter intrude in medical and healthcare services;

Create new seeds to establish gene and cell based research and therapy


3.Traditional medicine:

Theoretical and practical researches in prevention of diseases, life expectancy

based on characteristics of Mongolians; advanced method of evidence based traditional treatment; technological innovations of traditional drug and medicines.


4.Pharmaceutical sciences:

Drug quality, safety and efficacy; Clinical pharmaceutics, new drugs, innovation and natural medicines;

Pharmaceutical administration and management.


5.Public health:

Environmental health, environmental pollutants measurements and exposure;

Health sector policy, management (health policy modification, health care service equally and HR development);

Human development and health education (individual health attitudes, behaviors and targeted interventions);

Epidemiology (communicable and non-communicable disease prevention and risk factors).


6.Education research, IT, nursing

Medical education enhancement;

Health information and technology research;

Nursing management, administration, HR burden, occupational environment and condition, specialized clinical and public health nursing, education in nursing.



Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, S.Zorig street, Post-48/111 Ulaanbaatar city 14210, Mongolian