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“Bayanchandman’’ sanatorium


Provide professional quality service in a comfortable environment, tailored to the needs of the client.


Scope of activity:

Accredited sanatorium that provides rehabilitation, traditional treatment, and nursing care.

It has a capacity of 50 people per shift.


Treatment and services:

Treatment shall be provided by the diagnosis specified in the “List of diseases to be treated and nursed at the sanatorium” approved by the state central administrative body in charge of health matters.


Physical therapy:

Jadestone bed

Back massage bed

Head massage machine

Foot massage machine

Laser treatment of joints



Red light therapy

Physical therapy

Occupational therapy


Our sanatorium is:


Covered by Health Insurance

Located in a natural beauty complex

Suitable for customers to travel/come and go only on paved road /

Spa room, good exterior, and interior decoration, Beach, comfortable children’s playground

Skilled doctors and nurses will provide care

There are 5 meals a day under the guidance of a dietitian

Elderly and disabled people can get discount

It has security guards