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School of Medicine

Department of Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology


     The Department of Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology at the School of Medicine of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was established in 2015 and currently running the teaching, research, and clinical activities with a staff of 6 faculty members.

     The priorities of modern medicine are the developing of essential critical and emergency care in every level of medical services. Despite the relatively new department, we strive to keep up with the international community and maintain a leading position in medical care and medical education in MNUMS.

     Since its founding, the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology has successfully collaborated with the Australian College of Emergency Medicine, the Department of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, and the Intensive Care Unit at Salzburg Hospital in Austria.

     The main project implemented by the department’s staff is a program to support the activities of physicians working in Soum and Inter Soum hospitals and to improve the access and quality to essential life-saving and critical care medicine.

     This department organizes undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in critical care medicine, trains and develops specialists in their field, and always leads the way among leading experts in clinical medicine and strives to be a leader in the introduction of progressive technology and innovation.


The current staff of department:

Ganbold- Head of the Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology Department, PhD., Professor

Naranpurev-senior lecturer, PhD., M.D., Deputy Director of the Mongolian-Japanese Hospital

Soyombo- Lecturer, M.D. MS,

Burmaa- Lecturer, MD., MS, Head of Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Department, Mongolian-Japanese Hospital

Altanchimeg-Teacher, M.D., MS, Head of Intensive Care Unit, Mongolian-Japanese Hospital

Tamir-Fellow Lecturer


Clinical activities:

To provide high-quality and safe anesthesia for variety of surgery performed by surgeons, orthopedics, gynecologists and NTE doctors.

To deliver high standard ICU care for seriously ill patients in accordance with international guide lines by implementation of modern approaches in critical care medicine.

To be a referral center on Emergency and ICU care throughout the hospitals in UB and outside, to became of the center of excellence and leading in develop of essential EM and ICU guidelines and standards in nationwide scales

To conduct the research in Anaesthesia, Emergency and Intensive care medicine in Mongolia in line with international standards and introduce their outcomes into clinical practice.