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School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

     The department was first founded in 1954 as the “Department of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases” at the Medical Faculty of the Mongolian State University, and Namsraijav.D was named as the first chairman. In 1957, the Department was restructured and changed its name as the Department of Pediatric Disorders, and was headed by Tserendash.Ts. In 1961, Pediatric Treatment Faculty was established, which was one of four basic faculties of the Mongolian State Medical Institute, consisting of two subdivisions; Pediatric diagnosis, and Pediatric Research and Treatment. In 1965, two divisions were merged into the Department of Pediatric Disorders, and Gendenjamts.N, MD, Ph.D., an honored doctor, WHO Children’s Fund Award, served as chairman at that time. The Department of Pediatric Disorders II was branched out in 1979, and Luvsandagva.E, MD, Ph.D., an honored doctor, took over leadership.

     Since 1990, the Department was reunited as the current Department of Pediatrics and has continued its dedication to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, multidisciplinary and innovative knowledge for students, child health care professionals as well as scholars and advancing child health.


Heads of the Department:

L, Ph.D., for 7years

G, Ph.D, Associate Professor for 13 years

R Ph.D., Professor for a year

Agiimaa Ph.D, Associate professor for 6 years

G, Ph.D, Associate Professor since 2021

     We run our activities based on three main sectors that educational programs at under- and postgraduate, graduate levels, clinical research/study and professional activities.

    We are to launch re-enrollment of pediatric classes from 2020 onwards.  Between 1961 and 1971, a certain number of students were enrolled in pediatric classes every year to contribute to the policy of improving treatment quality to the children. However, the enrollment had not been carried out for the next 7 years. Moreover, the pediatric class had opened again and trained as a Pediatrician from 1981 to 1984, but it had been closed in the following years.

     As part of the research, the Department of Pediatrics has been conducting numerous researches and has successfully participated in major projects such as Early Neonatal Screening, Neonatal Surveillance, and Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.


Head of the Department  

G, MD, PhD, Associate Professor  


Lecturers of the Department: 

R, MD, PhD, Professor

D, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

M, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

B, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

P, MD, PhD, senior lecturer

B, MD, PhD, senior lecturer


J, MD, M.Sc

Ts, MD, M.Ph

N MD, M.Sc

M MD, M.Sc

Course assistant: Battamir.E, MD


International relations and cooperation

     Since 1954, the Department of Pediatrics has been cooperating with more than 30 professional organizations and universities in 18 foreign countries. 

Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute (LPMI), Russia (now the Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University (SPbSPMU)

Department of Pediatrics, Yonsei Children’s Hospital since 1993

We have worked on the project, “Mongolian Children’s Respiratory Activity” under the “Medical exchange” program from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, California since 2010.

Department of Pediatrics, Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia since 2002

Since 2008, we have participated in the “Neonatal Surveillance” project founded by the International Atomic Energy Agency 

Since 2013, we have been cooperating with the International Center for Pediatrician at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Department of Pediatrics, Ehime University, Japan since 2017 in 2019, signed а cooperation agreement with Koç University Hospital, Turkish