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School of Medicine

Department of Hematology




Head of Hematology department, MD.Ph.D, professor, Hematology consultant


Senior lecturer, MD,Ph.D, associate professor, Hematology consultant


Senior lecturer, MD,Ph.D, Executive physician in Internal medicine


Lecturer, MD,Ph.D, Senior physician in internal medicine


Lecturer, MD, Master of Medical Sciences


The activity of the Department of Hematology

Undergraduate training:

2nd 4th, 5th, 6th-year courses of School of Medicine

Pediatric medicine

5th, 6th –year courses of Traditional Medicine 

3rd –year courses of acupuncture 

Elective course for 3rd, 4th, 5th – year students  


Postgraduate training:

Internal medicine program – 2 years

Hematology fellow program – 6 months


Graduate training:

Master’s degree in Medicine 

PhD degree program 


Research priorities:

Diagnosis of leukemia and monitoring of molecular therapies

Treatment and control of blood stem cell transplantation

Problems with blood clotting, diagnosis and treatment


Professional activities:

To provide quality care to patients with blood disorders by the highly skilled team

To develop, implement, and monitor clinical guidelines and standards for the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders