School of Medicine

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

From the right side: BatchimegSh, Baljinnyam A, Narantsetseg Ts,


     The department of Rehabilitation Medicine was established according to the decree of  B/18 on September 21st, 2007, by the President of Health Science University of Mongolia. Two branches of Traumatology and Rehabilitation Medicine merged according to the decree of B /01 on January 06, 2010, and O.Batsukh, Honored Medical Doctor and Clinical Professor, was the head of the department. The department of Rehabilitation Medicine has been re-established independently in 2018.



The missions of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine are to train skilled physicians to provide professional clinical rehabilitation services, training, and research to the international level.


The department staff

Head of the department A.Baljinnyam MD., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Teacher: Sh.Batchimeg, MD., PhD

Teacher Ts. Narantsetseg MD, Master of Medicine

Instructor: G.Davaasuren MD, Master in Medicine

Teachers who guided the clinical postgraduate training at the other hospitals and national centers are S.Delgermaa, B.Davaajav, Sh. Tsetsegsanaa, S.Tsengelmaa, D.Bolormaa, O.Zolzaya, J.Soyolmaa, B.Khandsuren


Clinical activities

     In 2015, the Rehabilitation ward was established under the General University Hospital and started providing professional care. The ward has extended to the “Rehabilitation Medicine Center” under the Mongolian-Japanese hospital of Mongolian National University of Medical Science with a staff of 9 people since 2019.


Purpose of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center

     The Rehabilitation Medicine Center is a national reference center that provides professional rehabilitation services based on science, modern techniques, technologies, and evidence-based medicine.

     The Rehabilitation Medicine Center provides comprehensive services to customers’ functional ability, physical condition, and specific needs.  The center’s outpatient and inpatient and day treatment services for children and adults are delivered by specialized rehabilitation teams (rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers).