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School of Medicine

Department of Endocrinology


     After the university was established (1942), Russian and Mongolian internists taught Endocrinology. Professor Ts. Dolgormaa was the first specialized endocrinologist at the university. Our department was created in 1991. Professor J. Suvd was the first head of the department and had been worked for over 20 years. She took the initiative to develop a post-graduate curriculum for endocrinology; her students were the first generation of endocrinologists nationwide. Since that time, the department provides a course for endocrinologists throughout the country. Professor J. Suvd also conducted the first national study on the prevalence of diabetes.

     Professor Kh. Altaisaikhan was the first faculty of the department to become member of the Academy of Mongolian Medical Sciences. He was instrumental in developing diabetes management in Mongolia. He started the first diabetes center in Ulaanbaatar, which served as a model for diabetes centers in whole country. He supervised 10 PhD students in the field of prevalence, risk factors and complications of diabetes.



Head of department 

Sainbileg Sonomtseren MD., PhD, Associate professor, Leading Doctor



Altaisaikhan Khasag MD., PhD, Academician, Professor, Leading Doctor

Suvd JunaiMD., PhD, Professor, Leading doctor

Bayasgalan Tumenbayar MD., PhD, Associate professor, Senior Doctor

Oyuntugs Byambasukh MD., PhD, Senior lecturer, Senior Doctor

Ankhlan Boldbaatar MD., MSc

Narkhajid Galsanjigmid MD., MSc



Training: All faculty are committed to provide training and up-to-date knowledge of endocrinology in collaboration with undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate schools and institutes at MNUMS


Research: The department research trends are molecular biological research for pathogenesis and genetic causes of metabolic and endocrine diseases; clinical research for new technology of diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and endocrine diseases


Clinical activities: An objective of the department is to promote evidence-based health care and to delivery of clinical care to patients at the Central Hospital and Mongolian Japanese Hospital of MNUMS. Faculties also counselling at state clinical hospitals.