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School of Medicine

Department of Radiology



     An independent Department of Imaging Diagnostics including disciplines such as X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear diagnostics, and endoscopy was established by the order of the Dean of the Mongolian Medical University in September 1992. Professor Onkhuudai P. was its first head with lecturers composed by Burged-Ochir B., Purevjav T., Sonin S., Mendbayar D. and Gonchigsuren D., while Naran G. was in charge of the Laboratory branch. Professor Gonchigsuren D., Ph.D. served as the Department head from 1999 to 2009.

     The order of the President of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in September 2017 merged the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of the School of Medicine with the Department of Radiology and Medical Equipment of the School of Nursing and the department name was changed to “Department of Radiology”. Present days, the Department of Radiology is engaged in all educational programs at under- and postgraduate, graduate levels, conducting clinical research and providing the professional radiological health care. Currently the department contains 9 full-time staff members: 3 lecturers for radiology, 4 lecturers for biomedical equipment technicians and 2 lecturers for radiographers.


Head of the department:

           Tuvshinjargal D., PhD, Associate Professor, Leading Doctor

 Delgerdalai Kh.- PhD, Senior Lecturer, Senior Doctor

 Tugsjargal P. – Master of Medicine, Senior Lecturer, Leading Doctor, clinical professor

 Myagmarnaran Ts.- Master of Engineering in Electronics, Board Qualified Engineer

 Tsevelmaa D. – Master of Science in Medicine

 Vaanchigsuren S. – Master of Science in Medicine

 Nyamdavaa U.- Master of Science in Mathematics

 Bulgansuren D. – Master of Science in Engineering in Electronics and the Qualified Engineer

 Enkh-Urel E. – Master of Science in Engineering in Electronics, Lecturer


Clinical activities:

To provide high- quality whole body radiological diagnostics and treatment in accordance with international standards by implementation of modern diagnostic procedures.

To develop and implement radiological guidelines and standards in whole body imaging

To conduct imaging research in line with international standards and introduce their outcomes into clinical practice