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School of Medicine

Department of Family Medicine


     The Department of Family Medicine was established by the order A / 69 of the Director of the Medical University on September 9, 1996 which was named as the “Department of Family Medicine”, including with four faculty members, who were Dr Purevsukh, Sh. Dr Sukhbaatar, Tseren-Ochir D, Khorloo. They have been first developed the curriculum for primary health care in four main specialties: internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and general surgery.

     In 1998, the departments of laboratory, imaging, rehabilitation and nursing were joined with the department. Professor Odontuya was appointed as a head of a department and have been worked with 14 lecturers.

     Our lecturers have been actively involving in the activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the Professional Sub-Committee for General Practice of the Ministry of Health, the Mongolian Association of Family Medicine Professionals, the Mongolian Association of Soum Physicians, and the Mongolian Palliative Care Association. We are involved in the several technical working groups for development of policy documents, clinical guidelines and guidelines for improving the legal framework for a better primary health care in Mongolia.


Current faculty members:

D – PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the department

A – PhD, Senior Lecturer

M – PhD, Senior Lecturer

E – Master of Science in Public health, Lecturer

M – Master of Science in Medicine, Lecturer

A – Master of Science in Public health, Lecturer

B – Master of Science in Medicine, Lecturer

B – Master of Science in Medicine, Lecturer



     The mission of the department is to develop and strengthen family medicine within the framework of primary healthcare by ensuring the integrity of training, research and medical services.