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School of Medicine

Department of Neurology


     The Department of Neurology at the School of Medicine, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) is one of the most respected clinical departments in the country. The department is held in high regard as neurological training and research center.


The current composition of the Department of Neurology:

In first row from left senior lecturer Delgermaa.TS, MD PhD;

Professor Tovuudorj.A MD, PhD;

Head of Department of Neurology, Associate professor Byambasuren.D MD., PhD

in second row from left lecturer Master of medicine Mendjargal.N,

assistant Dolgorsuren.S

Master of Psychology, senior lecturer Bayasgalan.TS MD., PhD



     In 1947, the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry of the present School of Medicine, MNUMS was founded at existed Central Hospital of Ulaanbaatar City with professor G.Ya.Liberzon invited from formerly the Soviet Union together our national personnel Dr. G.Lodon (full-time faculty) graduated in 1947 from the Medical Faculty of the Mongolian State University and Dr. L.Dagzmaa (half-time faculty) graduated in 1938 from Omsk’s Medical Institute of the Russia.

     In 1962 Dr. D.Ravdandorj was recruited as the second full-time member of the Section of Neurology and after postdoctoral training he was been held following Chief of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry with title of associate professor from 1971 to 1985. The next leaderships of the department was Dr. G.Tsagaankhuu (1995-1998),Dr. D. Ulziybayar (1998-2003), Dr. L.Otgonbayar (2003-2012), Dr. A.Tovuudorj (2012-2018), and since 2018, Dr. D. Byambasuren works as the head of the Neurology department.


The Mission

     The mission of our Neurology Department as major academic center is to provide really care to patients; to train the next generation of practitioners and neuroscientists; and to expand our knowledge of the causes, treatments, and cures for neurological disease.


The structure of the Department

     The current Neurology department under the leadership associate prof. D.Byambasuren (PhD), are worked academic strengths as prof. G.Tsagaankhuu (PhD), prof. A.Tovuudorj (PhD), associate prof. L.Otgonbayar (PhD), senior lecturer Ts.Bayasgalan (PhD), senior lecturer Ts.Delgermaa (PhD), lecturer N.Mendjargal(MSc), assistant S.Dolgorsuren (MSc) and lecturer N.Naranbat (Postdoctoral research fellow in Japan), lecturer Dr. Sh.Tungalagtamir  (Doctorant in Italy).


Training of the Department

     The full-time faculty of the Department has now expanded to the current level of over 5, which are basic neuroscience research workers. All are involved in teaching and research works. The teaching responsibilities of the Department are mainly to teach Neurology to medical students, residents and post-graduate neurologists and research workers.

     The Department of Neurology at the School of Medicine, MNUMS of Mongolia has the following Clinical Teaching Programs.



     The Department of Neurology conducts undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training in collaboration with branch schools of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences.


Undergraduate training: The undergraduate program provides undergraduate education in neurology at the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Mongolian International School of Traditional Medicine, and School of dentistry.


Postgraduate trainingResidency training for neurologistsьTraining for pediatric neurologists and Advanced training in the field of electroencephalography, Cerebrovascular ultrasound Doppler-duplexonography, Electroneurography and electromyography


Research priorities: Cerebrovascular disease-Stroke, Epilepsy, Peripheral neuropathy, Motor neuron disorder, Movement disorders, Headache, Demyelination, Sleep disorders, Dementia


International cooperation: WFN, AOAN, ILAE, International Parkinson and MDS-AOS