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School of Medicine

Department of Infectious Diseases


     Initially, in 1945-1953 the department was functioning as a Department of infectious diseases, epidemiology and microbiology and was a part of the National University of Mongolia’s medical faculty.

     The department of infectious diseases is one of the oldest departments at MNUMS. As of 2021, there are 9 lecturers and 1 assistant in the department. Five lecturers are specialised in infectious diseases, two are in STIs and other one is specialized in teaching tuberculosis. Out of the 8 lecturers one (12.5%) is a Professor, one (12.5%) is an associate professor, three (37.5%) have PhD in Medical Science, five (62.5%) have MSc in Medical Science and two (25%) are consultant physicians.

     The department carries out undergraduate training in the fields of infectious diseases, STIs, and tuberculosis for the third to sixth year students of the School of Medicine, fourth year students of the School of Bio-Medicine, third and fifth year students of the International University of Mongolian Traditional Medicine, third to fifth year students of the School of Dentistry, third and fourth year students of the School of Public Health within the newly implemented +4, +2 curriculums. We offer an online Graduate Program with International Cyber University, the Graduate School of MNUMS, and Postgraduate studies in infectious diseases, tuberculosis, STI in cooperation with the Postgraduate Institute of MNUMS.

     The department activities are based at the National Centre for Communicable Diseases (NCCD). The department has carried out two projects on viral hepatitis, one project on STI supported by international funds. The department of infectious diseases organizes not only training, research and professional activities in the field of infectious diseases, tuberculosis and STI but routinely provides health education training to the general population and professional training to doctors and healthcare providers. 


Faculty members:

R., MD, PhD, Associate professor, Head of Infectious Diseases Department /Infectionist- Consultant Doctor /

O., MD, PhD, Professor /Infectionist-Consultant doctor/

V., MD, PhD, Senior lecturer /Doctor of STI/HIV/AIDS- Leading Doctor /

D., MD, Master of Medical Science, Lecturer /Doctor of STI/HIV/AIDS- Leading Doctor/  

E., MD, Master of Medical Science, Lecturer /Infectionist/

G., MD, Master of Medical Science, Lecturer /Doctor of TB /   

Munkh-Undrakh. B., MD, Master of Medical Science, Lecturer /Infectionist/  

G., MD, Master of Medical Science, Lecturer /Infectionist-Senior Doctor/

Tserennadmid.Z., Master of Nursing science, Assistant of infectious diseases department