Division for Student Development and Management

     The Division for Student Development and Management organizes and directs all activities related to students, from the registration of new students to graduation.
     The purpose of the division is not only to train university students, but also to train professionals with high ethical and communication skills, artistic and sports talents, health and physical development, personal development, and full compliance with modern social trends.
    The structure and activities of the Division include the Student Cultural Center, the Student Eco Center, student self-governing volunteer organizations, associations, societies, clubs, and councils.


Areas of activity:
     One. Student development:
Take comprehensive measures to improve student-centered services;
Improving the quality of enrollment and registration;
To improve the environmental and social education of students and make them “citizens of the world”;
Support student research and increase the number of researcher students;
Career choice, introduction, club, training;
Organize arts and sports events;
Organize meetings and discussions for senior doctors and medical professionals, teachers’ meetings, and journal clubs;
Organize activities to increase and encourage learning activities;


Two. Support and manage students
     Transfer and provide necessary references and information between alumni and student
Promoting student health and screening;
To increase and co-organize opportunities for students to participate in national and international competitions
Support for students with disabilities;
Carry out reports, programs, and archiving within the scope of the program;
Enrollment in loans, grants, and student scholarships;
To intensify the activities of the employment center and organize mediation;
Carry out planned research work to increase and improve dormitories and their comfort and environment;