School of Nursing

Department of Public Health Nursing


The department of Public Health Nursing has 7 faculty members and 42.8 % of them have Ph.D degree. Main activities of our department are undergraduate and postgraduate training, research study and Public Health Nursing activities.


To organize trainings dedicated to provide core competences of population health and associated factors, community health promotion, protection, health education, behavior change, improving quality of health and to held research and to organize social and public health professional activities.

Faculty members

  • Enkhjargal Ya – Head of department, RND, Ph.D, Associate professor, consultant Nursing, Diabetes educator
  •  Khulan G – Senior faculty member, RN, Ph.D. Associate professor 
  • Battogtokh D – Senior faculty member, hygienist, MD
  • Basbish Ts – Senior faculty member, RN, Ph.D.
  • Odonjil P – Senior faculty member, RN, Ph.D.
  • Baigalmaa D – Faculty member, RN.MSc
  • Dorjderem Ch – Faculty member,  MSc
  • Tuya S-– Faculty member, MSc

Activity of the Department:
Undergraduate training

  • Nursing research
  • Epidemiology
  • Public health nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Home nursing
  • Family nursing

Graduate training

  • Nursing research
  • Qualitative nursing research
  • Quantitative nursing research
  • Community health nursing
  • Health assessment
  • Biostatistics

Postgraduate training:

  • Public health Nurse – 3 months training course
  • Diabetes educator-3 months training course

 Top priorities of research:

  • Diabetes education & behavioral change
  • Early detection NCDs risk factors
  • Nursing leadership
  • Public health nursing
  • School health nursing
  • Occupational health nursing

Public Health Nursing activities
Our department is responsible for the Diabetes center of the University Central hospital and Public Health Nursing activities