School of Nursing

Department of Adult Nursing


The Department of Adult Nursing is one of the oldest departments of Nursing School. We conduct clinical trainings based on simulation center and clinical environments.

In 2004, the Department of Clinical Nursing was established, headed by Sergelenchimeg.S
In 2012, the Department of Specialized Nursing was established, headed by Baigal.D
In 2014, the Department of Adult Nursing was established, headed by Solongo.D and Davaakhuu.V respectively


The mission of the Department of Adult Nursing is to prepare diplomas and bachelor’s specialized nurses, and health specialists. Through faculty and student collaboration and mentoring, graduates are prepared to be able to work with interprofessional teams and to be lifelong learners to meet public health care needs.


The vision of the Department of Adult Nursing is seeking nursing education, evidence-based nursing practice, and scientific research that will help students acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to care for the health imbalances of acute and chronic adult conditions.

Faculty members
Head of the department
Davaakhuu Vandannyam, RN, CRNA, ENP, PhD, Associate Professor


  • Solongo Dashnyam RN., PhD Associate Professor
  • Orgilmaa Regzedmaa MD, PhD
  • Narmisheekh Khasag MD, PhD
  • Enkhtuul Chuluun MD, MSc, Clinical Professor
  • Delgermaa Sendmaa MD, MSc, Clinical Professor
  • Sundui-Yanjmaa Luvsangenden MD, MSc
  • Odgerel Lundee RN, MSc
  • Bat-Ulzii Enkh-Amgalar MD, MSc
  • Tuvshinbayar Enkhtaivan MD, MSc
  • Altantuul Dashsambuu MD, MSc
  • Nyamaa Damdin RN, MSc
  • Oidov Vandan RN, MSc
  • Tsolmontuya Ganbold RN, Msc
  • Enkhjargal Boldsaikhan MD, Msc

The activity of the department
Undergraduate training

  • Nursing of Internal Disease I, II
  • Medical Surgical Nursing I, II
  • Emergency care
  • Traumatology
  • Health Assessment
  • Nursing Process
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Neuroscience nursing
  • Nursing for infectious disease
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Nursing Dermatology
  • Nursing Tuberculosis
  • Otorhinolaryngologic Nursing
  • Ophthalmic Nursing
  • Disaster Management program

Graduate training

  • Master degree training of all types of specialties
  • PhD degree training of all types of specialties

Postgraduate training

  • Medical Surgical Nursing – 3 months
  • Nursing of Internal Disease – 3 months
  • Mental Health Nursing – 3 months
  • Neuroscience nursing – 3 months
  • Geriatric Nursing – 3 months
  • Emergency care – 3 months