In accordance with the international trends of Public Health, policies and programs of the Government of Mongolia, the “Department of Nutrition” was established in the 2019. Our faculties are qualified infood  hygiene, food technology, child and adolescent hygiene and nutrition science.

The Mission of the Department of Nutrition is to better human health by:

  • Contributing to the fundamental knowledge of how nutrients and food
    components function and impact human health and disease,
  • Delivering research-based interventions and service programs which alter eating
    habit and food choices with the goal of improving the health of individuals,
    families, and communities,
  • Contributing to the knowledge-base of undergraduate students in the nutrition
    program through teaching, training, and research mentorship,
  • Addressing risk factors to prevent children and adolescent health and hygiene
  • Developing nutrition interventions and education programs in accordance with
    international standards and the characteristics of our country.

Department introduction

The Department of Nutrition at the School of Public Health was established in 2019 with 6 faculty members, including 1 Professor, 1 doctor, 1 lecturer and 3 trainee lecturer. In addition, faculty members are also responsible for the Nutrition and Culinary Laboratory.

OTHER Curriculum

The nutrition curriculum was developed in cooperation with Seoul National University in Korea and accredited by the National Council for Educational Accreditation.


  • Dietitian – Four year program, Index: D091504
  • Applicants who have completed high school curricular education are eligible to attend.


The postgraduate training program is aims to train medical professionals with the ability to provide quality medical and health care service to the community and continuously develop their profession.

Postgraduate programs:

  • Food Hygiene
  • Child and Adolescents Hygiene
  • Clinical Nutrition


 The nutrition and Culinary Laboratory and the Laboratory of Food Hygiene conduct undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training in food assessment and provide counseling and advice on nutrition research, experimentation including professional and public outreach activities.

Foreign cooperation

  • Seoul National University of Korea
  • Max Planck Institute, Germany 


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  • 2018-2020School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical
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  •  2019-2021 School of Public Health, Mongolian university of Medical Sciences,
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  • 2019-2024 School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical
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  •  2019-2021 Microbial-assisted bioremediation of lead polluted soil.
  •  2022 Ministry of Health, School of Public Health, Mongolian National University
    of Medical Sciences. A comprehensive study on promoting and protecting the
    health of general education school students
  • School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, APU Dairy LLC. Dairy intake and Lactose digestion.


School of Public Health

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, S.Zorig street, post-48/111 Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia
Email: soph@mnums.edu.mn
Phone: 11329126