Department for Science and Technology

Directions of activity:

The Division for Science and Technology aims to bring the results of professors and researchers’ research work to an international level, improve the capabilities of research institutes and laboratories, implement research projects and programs, create a database, empower and evaluate researchers, and develop new technologies and innovations based on the research findings. It is responsible for providing MNUMS teaching staff and researchers with professional consulting, management, policy, and planning of the start-ups. 


Research & Development unit Research institutes and laboratories unit Intellectual property, innovation and Start-up unit


Head of the Department

Otgonbayar D.

MD. Ph.D., professor

Senior officer

Soodnomtsogt L.

MD. Ph.D., Associate professor


Urjinbadam B.

Doctor of Business Administration


Purevsuren E.

Master of International Development policy


Indra A.

Master of medical sciences


Badmaarag M.

Bachelor of Engineering

Directions of activity:

To share the burden and ensure readiness during the COVID-19 pandemic time, the staff of the Science and Technology Division established CLINICAL MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTIC CENTER in three months and its structure and organization meet the requirements of Bio-safety level II-A requirements. The clinical molecular diagnostic center started its operation on 1st April 2021.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we worked in the State Emergency Commission’s Scientific Council, developing and submitting scientifically based recommendations on epidemic prevention. In addition, staff participated in the implementation of the “One Door – One Test” measurement organized by the Ministry of Health, Stated Emergency Commission, and Deputy Prime Minister, and worked in the Second State Central Hospital’s Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory.

Our team prepared four modules of the ERP system within the framework of the MNUMS e-governance project, created an electronic database with 134 academic projects implemented at MNUMS, and is constantly working on project monitoring and evaluation.

The Division for Science and Technology began developing and constructing the Institute of Bio-Medical Sciences as an international research laboratory infrastructure in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the development of modern science in Mongolia and the 80th anniversary of MNUMS. After successfully ordering and installing services and equipment, resolving national problems, and collaborating on major interdisciplinary projects, a new INSTITUTE OF BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES was established and began operations on November 25, 2021.

The International Scientific Virtual Conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of the development of Mongolia’s health Sector was successfully organized on December 21, 2021, under the theme “Development of Mongolian Medical Care Services, Development of Public Health Care Services and Implementation“.

The National University of Medical Sciences, one of the oldest universities in Mongolia, successfully organized its 62nd, 63rd, and 64th academic conferences. The incentive was given for 193 articles published in journals that are listed in the international scientific database “Scopus“.

MNUMS staff, professors and researchers had successfully published more than 625 articles in academic journals listed in the internationally known Scopus database as of June 31, 2022, with a total of 10,161 citations.