School of Nursing

E-Learning development

The School of Nursing, MNUMS has been established an e-learning development team in order to develop e-leaning, introduce blended learning and support open education. We have established a studio to support e-learning in order to create high-quality video and audio content.

In academic year 2021-2022, the School of Nursing has created 7 contents using a green background and uploading them to You Tube Channel to support open education Click here.

We are preparing interactive lectures more than 60%. During the interactive lectures students can answer questions, log in with additional links, fill in the blanks and get directions if the answer correctly and incorrectly. .


For the 2020-2021 academic year, the School of Nursing has established a new learning platform to improve the quality of e-learning during the pandemic that provides pre- and post-graduate course materials, e-courses, pre-graduation tests, and job position information for graduates, legal documents, and student guides.
Lecturers prepare audio, video, PPT lessons and online test materials in the e-erdem learning system and conduct the online trainings.
Students receive course-related materials and e-books through the e-learning system, as well as participate in e-lectures, seminars, discussions, and take exams on online.
Due to the fact that classes were switched to online classes during the pandemic, we issued reports on online classes every week, made evaluations, and took relevant actions.
From this report, lecturers can learn how the content of the course is developed and used in the course at the E-content level.

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of lecturers in online applications such as computer skills and how to hold zoom meeting etc., the School of Nursing organizes e-learning development training in different levels and prepares lessons with exercises and delivers them to all lecturers.
As a result of this work, the knowledge and skills of lecturers about e-learning have improved, and the number of innovative modern content and interactive courses are increasing every year.