Project Based Learning: student development program

Project Based Learning: student development program


Project based learning is an andragogy program in which the students are given certain project develop and learn experience from. The projects the students are given are always directed at solving real life problems that occur as everyday challenges. Prerequisites for students to start off their projects shall be right methods and suitable theoretical perspectives so that they can make it into reality in due times.

Having enrolled in this program, students become able to learn how to start projects, and soft-skills it brings with such as critical thinking, team work, recognizing innovative ideas, research methods, emotional awareness, and even time-management.



Goal of the program:

To help students learn effective ways of writing a good project proposal as well as implementing the project.




Any student enrolled in freshmen through junior years at the School of Nursing can join.


Group structure:

We combine 2 to 3 students from each undergraduate year in a team of 8 through 10 students. Registration deadline for teams are on November 1, each year and every team is assigned to one teacher/instructor.


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