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Сувилахуйн сургууль

Faculty development

Academic, ethical and skilled lecturers, researchers, doctors and medical professionals are value of MNUMS

The school of Nursing lecturers are parts of the Mongolian first health field and we are performing important role of providing human resource of health sector.

It is important to support faculty development and increase teacher’s knowledge, skill, attitude, social guarantee and values in order to prepare future professionals. Therefore, MNUMS has developed and implemented Faculty Development Program. In accordance with program, the Faculty Development Sub-Program of Nursing School has been developed and approved by dean of school.


In order to create the best faculty resources, the program aims to continuously develop teacher training, research, professional and personal knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and disseminate best practices. We are implementing to provide teacher development within the following objectives.


1.To create best faculty resources and improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of teachers in teaching and learning

      • The policy of teacher recruitment and selection
      • Faculty development courses
      • Research of learning activities

2.To bring the faculty academic and research skills of teachers to the international level
3.Improvement of professional and social capacity of teachers
4.Develop organizational culture and ethical standards for teachers
5.Support teachers’ personal development and provide an integrated policy
6.Support teachers health