Central Hospital of MNUMS



To be a central hospital of MNUMS that provides quality and accessible health care that meets international standards based on modern equipment and the best technology by a skilled team of university professors and lecturers is citizen-friendly and provides clinical-training-research-industrial integration.



     To be an internationally accredited, leading national hospital in diagnostics, treatment, nursing, training, and research.

    Since 2014, the Central Hospital, MNUMS has operated a quality management system for health care services and successfully evaluated by the state and the capital city for professional inspections and external evaluations. Funded for inpatient care by the Health Insurance, and in 2018, for the third time, the Ministry of Health and Sports met the accreditation criteria for health facilities and expanded the number of beds.

     The Central Hospital, MNUMS has 40 beds in the inpatient department of Internal Medicine, Neurology and Surgery, and specialized cabinets for cardiovascular, arthrology, pulmonology, liver and gastrointestinal, endocrine, kidney, nerve, ENT, ophthalmology, surgery, traditional and rehabilitative treatment, and department of Endoscopy, Imaging, Diagnosis, Clinical Laboratory Department, Medical Food Production Department, Pharmaceutical Supply, Centralized Sterilization and Disinfection, Supply Services, Statistics, Registration, and Information, etc. It has a Department of Quality, Department of Nursing, Department of Infection Prevention and Control, Department of Engineering and Technical, f and a Non-Staff Sub-Council, Committee, and Team.

     We aim to introduce high-quality, reliable, and accessible evidence-based professional services to the population by introducing modern advanced methods and technologies. Our hospital is a leader in the field of health care, highly skilled, specialized, experienced, reputable, advanced in developed countries, talented scientists, professors, lecturers, doctors, medical professionals, the best young people united to develop the university hospital in health care services.


Central hospital care:

Inpatient department (internal medicine, neurology, surgery)

Consultant and specialty doctor

Rehabilitation therapy (children and adults), traditional medicine

Gastric endoscope

Electroencephalography (EEG)

3D / 4D color digital ultrasound

Digital X-ray diagnosis

Heart color ultrasound

Electrocardiogram, cardiac output recording

Laboratory diagnosis