Central Dental Hospital


President of hospital's greeting
A brief history of the Hospital


To provide high-quality oral care services to the population, to ensure the integration of training-scientificclinical activities, and to create a favourable environment for medical training for students.


The Central Hospital of Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry works hard to be internationally accredited and 
become one of the best university hospitals of Mongolia.


The hospital, its affiliated offices and departments are committed to:

 All employees and staff work hard in organisational, treatment and other services with their best assets.

 A friendly atmosphere within the community

Respect to each employee’s efforts, trust, reputation, self and others

The ability to develop oneself, to support each other, and to be proud of their work.

It is the honourable duty of every employee to be proud of the values cherished by the hospital, to be proud of themselves, their colleagues, their professions, and their work, and to raise the reputation of the organization and community.

The duties, responsibilities, and efforts of each employee will be aimed at creating a way to achieve the hospital’s mission by supporting each other under unified management.

Each employee works actively in his/her work, has the desire to improve his/her success, to
become the leader of the community and to be active in the community.

Respect the values of the hospital, take responsibility for the work in charge, respect the quality of treatment and services, treat customers with respect and promptness, adhere to the principle of polite and prompt service, be disciplined and responsible, and have friendly relationships with others.