Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Center

     The Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Center (CMDC) is around 260m2 and has been established with the support of the Government of Mongolia, the State Special
Commission, the Ministry of Health and its own investment, with a total budget of about 630 million MNT. The center was developed at Bio-Safety Level 2 laboratory and certified by Professor Patrick Reading, a consultant to the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory and MNUMS has invested more than 180 million MNT in laboratory infrastructure, ventilation, maintenance and landscaping.

     The CMDC at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences provides the medical and research communities with timely, accurate, high-quality molecular diagnostic testing, with expert interpretation and clinical consultation, through the delivery of excellent customer service, exemplary laboratory and clinical practices, and continual innovation in our processes.

     CMDC is aiming to act as a reference laboratory that is dedicated to providing patients and physicians with comprehensive and accurate molecular testing. Our laboratory provides a wide range of DNA and RNA based tests for various infectious diseases, inherited genetic diseases, and malignancies.

Areas of Expertise

    One of our primary strengths is molecular testing of infectious diseases, including COVID-19 infection. We routinely perform saliva RT-RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 infection between 300 to 500 tests per day, using the kits developed by scientists of the MNUMS. In this regard, we work closely with other public and private hospitals and laboratories, to provide an integrated approach to surveillance, screening and diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding this coordinated approach to develop the most advanced and clinically useful assays for our infectious disease-specific diagnostic and prognostic molecular markers.

     Our second major strength is to implement molecular testing in non- communicable diseases in near future. One of the missions of the CMDC is to serve as the outlet for true translational research for our scientists at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. Moreover, in terms of providing full range of molecular diagnostic services, our center endeavor to facilitate a research and training base center for postgraduate students, as well as for laboratory physicians and medical professionals by providing them solid theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in bench-work procedures, instrumental operations, and analytical methodologies involved in data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. To this end, our laboratory has established a dedicated group of test development technologists, scientists and physicians to bring discoveries from the bench top to the bedside.

     In order to prevent the risk of airborne infections and the risk of contamination with false-positive PCR tests, the laboratory has a complete ventilation system with a HEPA filter that generates positive and negative pressures in each PCR test room.



     Our laboratory has equipped with a range of most up-to-date molecular biology equipment to isolate, amplify, and evaluate the gene expression levels, particularly nucleic acid from biological samples.