Research Overview

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences is one of Mongolian most research-intensive universities with a thriving community of innovative and leading researchers. The scope of significant research at MNUMS is broad and diverse, including the fields of medicine, biomedicine, public health, traditional medicine, pharmacy and nursing.

Academic and research priorities (2022-2025):

Molecular genetic studies of gene, cell, tissue and stem cell

Disease prevention, diagnostics, research on the implementation of high medical technology

Public health and environmental research

Research of new and traditional medicines for human well being (health) on ecologically pure products

Within the framework of the goal of becoming a research based university, the activities of the Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Center, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, the Institute of Public Health, and the Institute of Medical Sciences have been integrated. Favorable conditions have been created for the implementation of interdisciplinary and international projects, and programs aimed at solving the problems of the health sector in Mongolia, as well as for the creation of new knowledge, technologies and innovative products.

Research Projects

The MNUMS has implemented in total 154 projects ordered by foreign and domestic academic institutions. In 2021 5.7% of the university’s total budget has been spent on research and development which was the first step of reaching to 20%.

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Project list


We have confirmed our success again, by publishing a total of 615 articles in world-renowned academic journals, and the number of citations from the articles have reached 11,295 which has consistently been in the top 3 places in the ranking of academic works in Mongolia. In 2021 our faculty lecturers and researchers have published their 103 articles in more than 80 internationally recognized scientific journals, such as The Lancet, Immunity, Hepatology, and the number of citations have reached 2183, which has increased by 35% in the number of academic works and a 58% in the number of citations compared to the same period last year. It shows a clear indication that the academic works of our faculty scientists, lecturers and researchers are competitive.

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Publication list /2021/
Publication list /2020/

R&D Center

The Department of Science and Technology established a research and development center on May 15, 2020, within the framework of the “National Program for the Development of Research-Based Universities” and the “Development Policy of MNUMS”.
Our goal is to support researchers’ academic work, introduce new methods of research and analysis, create a favorable environment for research, increase the quality of academic works, activate interdisciplinary research activities, and exchange experience among researchers.

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Features of training to be held at the R&D Center
The main activities of the R&D center