School of Dentistry

     The School of Dentistry is located in the 3rd building of the Mongolian  National University of Medical Sciences /MNUMS/, has been operating since September 2011 in the 11th khoroo of Chingeltei district. The School of Dentistry, MNUMS is the first school to introduce the university hospital model in Mongolia.

     The Central Dental Hospital first completed the Oral Health Project in 2000 with a grant from the Government of Finland.The Central Dental Hospital established under the project was transferred to NAS and a “Postgraduate Training Center” was established with 3 doctors, 1 nurse, and 1 X-ray technician.It is the beginning of not only the School of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine but also the largest hospital in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of dental and maxillofacial diseases and clinical and training base for diagnosis and treatment in the hospital.

     In the school of dentistry, forty-eight percent of the faculty members have a Ph.D. and studied and specialization in Japan, Korea, Cuba, Hungary, Germany, Taiwan, the United States, China, and the Netherlands.In Mongolia, there are policymakers in the field of oral medicine, leaders of associations, and continuously provide specialized care and treatment.

The School of Dentistry has type of majors:

Dentist 2+4-year /Bachelor/

Dental technician 3-year /diploma/

Dental Hygeine 3-year /diploma/

Dentist assistant /professional training/.

     Currently, the school has a total of 930 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.

     54 percent of all graduates are employed in their field, while the rest are enrolled in professional development, master’s and doctoral programs.

The school has the following departments:

Department of Oral Medicine

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Department of Oral Surgery

Department of Children’s oral health and Prevention

Department of Orthodontic

Department of Dental Technology and Hygiene

Шүдний тулгуур эд, сувгийн эмчилгээний тэнхим 

The school has 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 19 Ph.D., 15 master’s degrees, 29 staff.


School of Dentistry

3rd building of MNUMS, Ulaanbaatar city, Chingeltei district, 11th khoroo, Nuur 2-21
Email: dentistry@mnums.edu.mn