School of Public Health

     The School of Public Health was first established in 1956 as the Department of Hygiene. In 2002, the School of Public Health expanded to become a school with 6 departments, 1 institute, 3 laboratories, and 4 centers for training, research, and comprehensive professional activities.

     The School of Public Health has staffed by 53 lecturers, including 5 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 8 Senior Lecturers, and 21 Lecturers. The school has following departments:

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department of Nutrition

Department of Health Policy

Department of Health Social Staff and Social Sciences

Department of Preventive Medicine

Department of Environmental Health

The School of Public Health offers programs:

5-year for Public health researcher

4-year for Health social worker

4-year for Health economist

 4-year for Occupational health and safety worker 

 4-year for Nutritionist

     More than 600 students are studying in 2020-2021 academic year.

     The research priorities of the School of Public Health are coherent with the priorities of the Health Sector and the Public Health Sector and have the following:

Environmental health and climate change

Food safety and food environment

Prevention, control and surveillance of human and zoonotic infectious diseases

Prevention, surveillance and control of non-communicable diseases and injuries

Health sector policy, management and human development

Maternal, child and adolescent health promotion, prevention, monitoring and surveillance

School contact:

Facebook page: School of Public  Health, MNUMS


School of Public Health

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, S.Zorig street, post-48/111 Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia
Email: soph@mnums.edu.mn
Phone: 11329126