Darkhan-Uul Medical School

     The Darkhan-Uul Medical School was established in 1969 as the Nursing Technical School with 2 teachers and 50 students. Through 6 stages of development, in 2014 it became a branch school of the MNUMS in Darkhan-Uul, Mongolia. We have 52-year history and providing education, research and health care.

     Darkhan-Uul Medical School has a clinical hospital “Saikhan setgel” and a medical resort “Darkhan Medicine”.

     The Darkhan-Uul Medical School was successfully accredited 3 times by the Mongolian National Council for Educational Accreditation, in 2001, 2007 and 2018.

     Implements the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 of Quality Management Systems and the international standard ISO 14001: 2015 for environmental management systems.

     The Darkhan-Uul medical school offers bachelor programs; 2+3, 2+4 years of medical  and health education for undergraduate and diploma students, 3+3 years for  pharmacist, 4-year for nurse, 4-year for an obstetrician, and a Mongolian traditional therapist, physical therapist, 3-year for Pharmacist, 3-year for Laboratory technician, 3-year for Nurse, 3-year for Traditional medicine nurse respectively and graduates as a Medical doctor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Nurse, laboratory technician and a oriental medicine nurse.

     The school has over 1000 students and 78-85 percent of graduates has employed as  written in graduate tracking survey within last 3 years.

     Darkhan-Uul Medical School consists of; Department of Basic Sciences, a Department of Pharmacy and Biomedicine, a Department of Public Health, a Department of Traditional Medicine, a Department of Nursing, and a Department of Clinic, and has a total of 98 faculties and staff.

     We award Tuition scholarships for successful 55-60 students annually, scholarships named after the famous educator and St. Bosco are awarded to 5-10 students and social welfare tuitions are given to 3-5 students.

General rate of research /cumulative in 2020/:

Percentage of teachers with doctoral degrees – 20.4 percent

Article published in a journals with IF – 3

Article published in a journal registered on the Scopus platform – 6

Invention patent – 2

Utility Certificate – 4

Copyright Certificate – 7

Mongolian Standard (MNS) – 1

Technology Instructions – 5


Darkhan-Uul Medical School

Mongolia, Darkhan-Uul aimag, Darkhan soum, 13th bag, 30th district, Jargalant 1st street 130.
Mailbox: Central Post Office 903
Phone: + (976) -70377734