Gobi-Altai Medical School

     The Gobi-Altai medical school was established by the decree of the People’s Great Hural on October 4, 1967 as the School of Medicine in Gobi-Altai Aimag with 5 lecturers, 11 faculties and 80 students. Through six stages of historical development, in 2014, the Gobi-Altai medical school became the branch school of MNUMS and was reorganized to Gobi-Altai medical school. Our school is a state-owned medical school established in the western region of Mongolia and has been operating in the field of medical education for 54 years.

     The Gobi-Altai medical school was successfully accredited 3 times by the National Council for Educational Accreditation, in 1999, 2003 and lastly in 2018.

     In 2016, our school has been appointed as the “BEST SCHOOL” among the universities, schools and colleges in local areas of Mongolia.

     The Gobi-Altai medical school offers bachelor programs; 2+3, 2+4 years of medical education, 4 years of obstetrics, 4 years of nursing, 4 years of medical social work, 3 years of nursing and 3 years of midwifery. She has been a traditional medicine nurse for 3 years, a pharmacist for 3 years, a laboratory technician for 3 years, and a technical assistant nurse for 1 year.

     Currently, the school has 4 administrative officers, 47 full-time lecturers, 10 part-time lecturers, 23 employees, 5 high school full-time teachers, 865 students and 60 high school students.

     The employment rate of graduates is 85-87 percent as written in graduate tracking survey.

     Gobi-Altai Medical School consists of: Department for Education Policy and Management, Department for Finance and Economics, Department of Basic Science, Department of Clinical-1, Clinical-2, and Medical Laboratory Department and the high school.

General rate of research /as of 2020/



Articles – 45 of which:

 In international journals-4, in domestic journals-39

Copyright – 3

Project work-4


Gobi-Altai Medical School

Mongolia, Gobi-Altai aimag, Esenbulag soum, Orgil bag, Freedom street
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