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Mongolia-Japan Hospital

Mongolian first training hospital


 The Mongolia-Japan Hospital has medical services for the residents of the 10th, 12th, 13th, 25th, and 26th khoroos of Bayanzurkh district, to receive patients with written referrals forms from province and district general hospitals for nationwide reference level care.




The mission of the Mongolia-Japan Training hospital at the National University of Medical Sciences is to become an internationally accredited national university “University Hospital” by introducing new health technology and standards from around the world to the country, continuously improving the quality of care, and developing a combination of training, research, diagnostics, and treatment.




CLINICAL is providing high-quality medical care and skill for citizens.




EDUCATION provides medical education and medical staff to conduct undergraduate and postgraduate clinical research.




RESEARCH is about research that contributes to the promotion and improvement of medical care and public health.



Mongolia-Japan Hospital

Bayanzurkh district, 12 khoroo, Botanical garden
E-mail: info@mnums.edu.mn

Time: Monday-Saturday 08:20 AM – 4:20 PM

Take appointment: 77002528, 77002529