School of Nursing

Department of Basic Sciences


The Department of Basic Sciences currently has 17 lecturers with 2 PhD and 15 master degree lecturers. There are 5 senior teachers, 8 teachers and 4 junior faculty members. The department is in charge of teaching theoretical and applied courses of basic sciences in subjects as varied as physical, environmental, social, humanitarian and technological knowledge and, skills that are the basis of undergraduate students.


Department of Basic sciences develop capable professionals who are empowered with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed and responsible decisions in a diverse world.

Faculty members

  • Buyandelger.B – head of department, philosopher, MD, Ph.D.
  • Orkhontuya.P – senior faculty member, chemist, MD, Ph.D.
  • Batchimeg.Ch – senior faculty member, physical educator, MD.
  • Narantuya.I – senior faculty member, English teacher, MD
  • Ariunaa.J – senior faculty member, biologist, MD.
  • Enkh-Ulzii.B – faculty member, philosopher, MD.
  • Oyunaa.Ch – faculty member, English teacher, MD.
  • Gantuya.B – faculty member, English teacher, MD.
  • Gerelmaa.A – faculty member, chemist, MD.
  • Zoljargal.P – faculty member, chemist, MD.
  • Odgerel.B – faculty member, informatics teacher, MD.
  • Sukhbat.G – faculty member, physical educator, MD.
  • Bat-Erdene.G – faculty member, physicist, MD.
  • Altangerel.T – junior faculty member, English teacher, MD.
  • Amgalan.T – junior faculty member, English teacher, MD.
  • Munkhdagva.U – junior faculty member, historian, MD.
  • Uuganbayar.G – junior faculty member, biologist, MD.

Activity of the department
Undergraduate training:

  • Mongolia language, script and stylistic
  • Mongolian history, culture and custom
  • Medical English
  • Biology
  • Ecology-Environmental health
  • Medical genetics
  • Chemistry (medical and analytic)
  • Philosophy
  • Medical ethics
  • Human development and ethics rights
  • Sociology
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Physics

Graduation by training:

  • Philosophy

Priorities of department research

  • Medicine of science and nursing education research
  • Medicine and nursing ethics
  • Study of Mongolian history and culture
  • Science and technology