School of Nursing

Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy


The department of Physical therapy was established in the academic year of 2010-2011 under a collaboration between HSUM, Mongolia and Gunma University, Japan. Under the collaboration, the department rolled out a collaborative program to prepare physical and occupational therapists in line with the international standard in the Health Sector of Mongolia. The department has successfully been implementing a range of exchange programs to benefit both academics and students in collaboration with international universities from Japan, South Korea and the United States of America. In addition to preparing physical and occupational therapists, the department also involves lecturers who teach in the field of traditional medicine and physical education.
Under the collaborative program, we have been preparing physical and occupational therapists with bachelor degrees at the undergraduate level since the department was established. Additionally, we are planning to commence a new program to prepare traditional medicine nurses with diploma degrees from 2021.The department involves 8 lecturers with master degrees.

The department aims to prepare competitive health professionals who can implement best practice through applying the best available evidence.

Faculty members:

  • Munkh-Erdene.B – Head of the Department, RPT, PhD 
  • Namuun.G-PhD
  • Batlkham.D – RPT, MSc
  • Erdenetsetseg.M – MD, MSc
  • Ariunaa.Kh – MD, MSc
  • Bulganchimeg.S – MD, MSc
  • Orgilbayar.G – MD, MSc
  • Khaliun.Ts – MD, MSc
  • Dolgorsuren.S – MD, MSc
  • Yanjinsuren.B – RPT, PhD

Activity of the Department:
Training undergraduate: 

  • Mongolian traditional medical base
  • Rehabilitation     (Bachelor)
  • Rehabilitation (diploma)

Physiotherapy undergraduate training

  • Environmental Support
  • Kinesiology I
  • Basic Physical Therapy I
  • Kinesiology II
  • Neurologic Physical Therapy I
  • Physical Therapy of Internal Diseases
  • Acute Illness Physical Therapy
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Basic Clinical Skills
  • Introduction to physical therapy research
  • Basic Physical Therapy II
  • Applied Basic Clinical Skills
  • Community based of Physical Therapy
  • Pre-graduate Research
  • Clinical Physical Therapy I
  • Clinical Physical Therapy II
  • Clinical Physical Therapy III
  • Clinical Kinesiology
  • Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
  • Neurologic Physical Therapy approach
  • Physical Therapy Approach of Internal Diseases
  • Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Approach
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Dysphasia
  • Biostatistics
  • Team work
  • Human development
  • Language Disorder Therapeutics

Occupational Therapy Undergraduate training:

  • Human Development and Occupational Characteristics
  • Basics of Occupational Therapy
  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy Research
  • Skills for Occupational Therapy
  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Medical Ethics
  • Group Therapy in Occupational Therapy
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Occupational Therapy for elderly
  • Occupational Therapy Intervention Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Occupational Therapy for Physical Disabilities I
  • Occupational Therapy for Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Occupational Therapy in Mental Health I
  • Occupational Therapy in Mental Health II
  • Community Based Occupational Therapy
  • Environmental and Compensatory Technology
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments of Sensory and Physical Dysfunction
  • Assessments of Intellectual and Mental Function
  • Occupational Therapy for Developmental Disability
  • Graduate Research
  • Occupational Therapy for Mental and Cognitive Disorders
  • Occupational Therapy for Physical Disabilities II
  • Occupational Therapy for Neurological Dysfunction
  • Occupational Therapy for Upper Limb Dysfunction
  • Occupational Therapy for Pediatric Disabilities
  • Occupational Therapy for Dysphagia
  • Management of Occupational Therapy

Research priorities
Cardiovascular therapy
Nerve movement therapy
Sports medicine
Pediatric movement therapy
Education Science
Occupational therapy for neurological disorders
Child labor treatment

  • Traditional medical
  • Herbal
  • Moxibustion and acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal
  • Kinesiology (Kinematic and Kinetic)
  • Biomechanics
  • Gait
  • Higher education in Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Service Strategy and Management


  • Professional activities based on Bayangol district hospital, Khan-Uul district hospital, Songino-KhairKhan district hospital
  • Mongolian Physical Therapy association
  • Mongolian Rehablitation association
  • Mongolian Occupational Therapy association
  • Universal Progress NGO
  • EnereliinTuuchee NGO


  • Gunma University of Japan
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
  • World Physiotherapy
  • World Federation of Occupational Therapy
  • European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE)
  • Japanese Physical Therapy Association
  • Korean Physical Therapy Association
  • Singapore Physiotherapy Association


  • PT’s club
  • “ZOC” club
  • “Occupational Therapist ” student club